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There’s so much to do…how will we pick?

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It is easy to take for granted everything there is to do in your hometown.  Its what you see you day in and day out.  However others who have never visited your area before may find what is a mundane to you exciting and unique to them.  Lorain County is a perfect example of this.  For those of us who have lived here for many years its easy to take for granted all of the activities that surround us.  Best of all, many of them are FREE or low cost.  Here are a few examples of new activities to try the next time you say “but there is nothing to do!”

Oberlin College – This world renowned college is home to a fantastic art and music department offering a plethora of plays, music performances, theater productions, operas, speakers and art shows.  And that’s just the college sponsored events.  There is also a variety of poetry readings, concerts and activities coordinated by the students at the local coffee shop.

Ohio Wines – I could write a blog just about the variety of Ohio wines now available in our area with several new wineries opening up within 30 minutes of 5 Corners Bed & Breakfast.  Each has its own unique personality.  A few to try – John Christ Winery, Papermoon Vineyards, Quarry Hill Winery and Vermilion Valley Vineyards.  Don’t forget Richard’s Wine Cellar just two blocks from the B&B.  He features over 3,000 bottles of wine from all around the world.

Lorain County Metro Parks – This area has FANTASTIC parks that are sure to offer something for everyone…bird watching, kayaking, cross country skiing, sledding, beaching, nature hikes, outdoor concerts, ballroom dancing and even sunset cruises along the Black River.  Plus most of these activities are free or low cost.  Check out for a complete list.

First Timers

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Well here it is!  My first blog entry.  Since I’ve never written a blog before I am simply learning as I go.  I bet some of you feel the same way about staying at a Bed & Breakfast for the first time.  Here are a few pointers to help you feel more comfortable when staying at a B&B; whether its at 5 Corners or in some other neck of the woods.

  • Every Bed & Breakfast is different.  Be sure to ask questions when making your reservation.
  • While most B&Bs try to make you feel as if you are in your home away from home, it may not provide all of the same amenities – Ask about cable TV, free WIFI, private baths, parking, guest refrigerator, payment options, etc
  • The Breakfast.  Many people are nervous about this meal.  Will have I have to sit with people I don’t know?  What if I don’t like what they serve?  Will I be able to order off of a menu?  The answer to many of these questions will depend upon the size of the inn.  The best thing to do is to ask before you book.  Don’t be nervous sitting with others.  This will only enhance your bed and breakfast experience.  At our table, there is never a lull for conversation.  Only interesting people sharing life stories.  If you are uncomfortable with this, many inns will provide breakfast-in-bed for a nominal charge.
  • Sharing a bath – The majority of B&Bs today offer private baths but be sure to confirm this prior to making a reservation.  In general, B&B guests are very respectful of not only the place in which they are staying but of the other guests.

The bed and breakfast experience will leave you relaxed and eager to try another during your next trip.  And don’t forget the great memories you’ll take with you on your journey home.

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